Saturday, November 15, 2008

People Who Won't Take "Don't Do That!" For An Answer

Do you know anybody who simply won't listen to you when you tell them not to do something, even though they've asked your opinion? Boy, I sure do.

I've been advising people in setting up home based business for years. Everybody wants to make money from home, but nobody wants to take the time to do it right, which is why they fail so often.

Recently, a guy in a Forum I hang out in asked me where he could get a bunch of brand new video game consoles at wholesale, to resell online. I told him that he couldn't possibly do that, since those game consoles can't be bought at wholesale (at least, not legitimately) unless he was a big box store with about a gazillion dollars in his pocket. So, he came back and complained that a whole bunch of people on eBay were selling these things all the time, so why couldn't he?

I patiently explained to him that those people on eBay were either selling used games, refurbs, gray market games, or lying about the fact that they were new.

He didn't want to believe me, so he went on and started asking other people on the Forum the same question. They all patiently told him the same thing, but he wouldn't leave them alone. He started Private Messaging several people, asking the same thing over and over again in different ways.

Now, we all know each other on this Forum, so we started talking aboutthis amongst ourselves. That's how I knew he was PMing so many people.

Here's what's going to happen. He's going to get about 15 people telling him it's impossible, then he'll ask one person who doesn't know any better who will tell him he can do it, and point to some cheesy Chinese wholesale rip-off artist. He's going to believe that one schmuck over the other 15 people, because the schmuck told him what he wanted to hear.

Then he's going to go and get himself ripped off for thousands of dollars.

People who only listen to the opinions they want to hear have already made up their minds in the first place. All they want is affirmation from somebody, anybody, and then they justify themselves doing something that's going to hurt them.

People make money online every day, but they only do it when they use common sense.

If you'd like to read a litle more about common sense in home based business, check out my free comon sense dispenser:


  1. Hello Chris,

    First thank you for the great article. A few years back I joined a group called Kleeneze. I was lead to believe it was easy to make £500 extra a week. That is what the ads claim anyway. Anyway I tried it out.

    The first thing I had to do was pay them money for to get started with my first 100/200 catalogs. Which cost me £150, which included my business kit.

    So I got to work distributing my catalogs. Then I waited 2 days before going back to collect the catalogs. I was quite happy when I saw £200 worth of orders. But I was young and naive. I didn't get to keep all that £200 I had to pay for the cost of the products ordered. Worse I even had to pay for delivery and admin charges(I processed the orders how hard for admin to click a button). Which left me with perhaps £40 for 2 days work. So much for the £500 a week income. I was lucky if I could put £120 in a week.

    It took my family a long time to convince me to give it up. It might have been easier if I had a car and was able to drive. To get 100 catalogs out would take a long time by foot and even longer to get them back. Then delivering the orders took even longer. I was restricted to carrying so much when walking.


  2. Hey Chris very entertaining post. Some people just have to learn the hard way it seems. It's funny how people are always looking for honest trusted sources and people for advice, but then when they get it, and it's not what they want, they disregard it. But they always come back later.

    I started a blog about ebiz scams and general e-commerce. I just posted 10 steps to creating an online store. Would love for you to check it out, and maybe your readers might benefite from it.

    You can just click on my name. I believe it will take you there. Thanks


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